Growing up in the North of France, my country served as the perfect canvas for me to paint out my imagination.  Every chateau had a king and queen of my own making, every stone had a storied history of magic and enchantment, and every pastry was a piece of art.  


Cake Design

I consider each of my cakes a piece of art. Unique and distinctive with endless design possibilities, no two of these couture creations are alike.



As much as I love to bake, I also love to teach and share my passion for food and beautiful creations at workshops and private dining experiences around the world. Whether it’s preparing a 7-course meal for your next private event, or conducting a live-cooking class for a large-group entertainment program, I find joy in sharing the art of food.

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“Let us eat cake!”

People regularly ask me, “How do you stay fit when you’re constantly surrounded by desserts?!” I believe that sweets can be part of a healthy diet, but sometimes you just have to get creative. Check out my recipes for tips, tricks, and tutorials of some of my favorite health-conscious desserts.